Leadership Directory Tutorial 

One and Two Day Camp CrossTalk Options (2021)

Camp Counselor Volunteer Training Manual (2021)

Volunteer Training Manual (2021)

Camp Scenarios for Role Playing

Breathing Exercises

Training Tools: Empathy vs. Sympathy

Axis Parent Guide to LGBTQ+ and Your Teens

T.R.A.C. in a BOX ideas

Santria's Story

T.R.A.C. Staff and Camp Counselor Training (2021)

Reference Check Questionnaire

GuestSpeaker/Performer guidelines

No Strings Attached

Mandated Reporters PDF (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Name tag template letter size (.pptx)

I SPY.pdf (2 per page)

I SPY.pdf (4 per page)

Name tag template 4x6 paper (.pptx)