Teen Reach

Providing a Hope and a Future to “at-risk” Youth in Foster Care


The programs of Teen Reach take into account the issues surrounding adolescence, but more importantly the issues that surround youth who have been abused, abandoned and neglected and who many times reside in foster care. 


One of the core principles of Teen Reach is to provide a non-judgmental experience. We strive to achieve this in both the camp and mentoring models. 


Our mission is to provide quality, structured programs (Boy camps, Girl camps, and mentorship programs) for at-risk youth ages 12-18.


In 2000, Tim and Serena Howell founded Teen Reach. (formerly Hope Unlimited.) Through Teen Reach, it is their desire to serve "at-risk" youth who reside in foster care. 

Board Of Directors

Kim Fuller

Esther Gravis

Serena Howell,  CEO - Co-Founder

Tim Howell, Co-Founder


Greg Inman

Michael J. Ross, Secretary

Trevor Taggart

Sam Thannickal, CPA

Lloyd West, Chairman

Kevin R. White