Andrew's Story

After hanging out at an arcade together with his mentor, Andrew began quoting scripture to Mike on the drive back to his foster mom’s house. Andrew recounted the story of the flood, how God spoke from the burning bush, why Jesus died for our sins, the promise of salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Stunned, Mike asked Andrew how he knew these things.

“Other kids say God isn’t real, so I wanted proof,” Andrew admitted. “Sometimes I read the Bible and look things up on my own.”

Mike was floored. This is the same kid who first came to T.R.A.C. at age 12 in an electronic ankle monitor. The same kid who faced gang initiation when he signed up for And the same kid who was moved out of state to a residential program due to his anger issues. After six years of mentoring, Andrew had never once mentioned anything about God.

Fast forward a year and a half.

Andrew graduated from high school and moved in with biological mom who used him for the money he was receiving from the state. Disillusioned, Andrew broke down on the phone with Mike.

Mike made the 8-hour trip to pick up Andrew and bring him to Omaha. He then put him in a hotel for three days while he helped Andrew get connected with Youth Emergency Services.

Andrew is now working and in managed independent living. He and Mike continue to connect. Andrew wants more for his life than the dysfunction he knew throughout his childhood and teen years.

Without Mike, Andrew’s story would be completely different. Mentoring makes a difference.