Lessons from a Veteran Camp Counselor

Veteran camp counselor Jeremy from T.R.A.C. Ocala, Florida, has thought of everything. Talk about a pro!

Hooks. A brilliant way to hang wet towels after swimming or showers.

Under-the-cot bins. Perfect for campers’ clothes. Less messy than an unzipped duffel bag or trash bag.

Antifungal powder spray and foot deodorizer. Tired of smelly teenage boys stinking up your cabin? Line up camper shoes outside the cabin overnight. A few squirts of antifungal spray and foot deodorizer do wonders.

Changing area. Stringing a curtain between a cot and a wall gives extra room for changing when bathroom space is limited.

Toiletry caddies. Keeping toothbrushes and shampoo in individual caddies under the cabin sink is a definite game-


Bead necklace toggles. A quick and easy way to add those achievement beads without untying and retying knots. Bonus: Jeremy made his own clay beads, including the sleeping bead. ZZZZzzzz

Bible verses for evening devotions. What a great idea. Bible verses written in dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror is a great way to practice looking up verses before bed.

Cabin theme. Jeremy’s veteran status showed in the theme he chose for his cabin. Look at his football playbook page. Guess who’s JC? You got it. Jesus Christ.