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The mission of the Forgotten Initiative is to help support the foster care system, so people will get involved and experience Jesus together. Awareness, encouragement and advocacy make up the three core tenets.

A recent podcast highlighted the following:

Children in foster care have a voice worth hearing.

  1. Mentors can create space for a child to be heard.

  2. Foster care is uncomfortable, and teens need you to walk through it with them . . . Teens in the foster care system need us to say yes to them. They remember and are shaped by their life circumstances. We can be the stabilizing force that they need while they piece together the events that have unfolded in their lives.*

Don’t you love this? This parallels the foundation of T.R.A.C. and T.R.A.C.life.

Most of the teens we serve don’t know what to do with the pieces of their shattered lives. Our campers are hungry for mentors. Your presence is a stabilizing force. Consider mentoring today.

*The Forgotten Initiative. The Uncomfortable Journey of Foster Care for a Child. December 28, 2020 Podcast


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