The Power of Mentoring

Layla* and her mentor, Darlene, connected when they shared the same cabin two years ago at Issaquah, Washington T.R.A.C., so mentoring was a great fit for the pair. Starting their mentoring visits at the height of the pandemic brought many challenges, but Layla and Darlene faithfully met over Zoom on Friday evenings. Talking while playing puzzles and trivia cemented their bond.

The two shared their experience in July with the trainees at National Leadership Training in Washington. “Layla has had some pretty profound and significant things happen to her in the last six months of her life, so I feel honored that she shares these things with me. She’s always really open and honest with me about her feelings. She tells me what’s going on both concretely and also what’s she’s thinking about those things in her mind and what she cares about.”

Layla believes mentoring has helped her improve her social skills, especially during COVID. coordinator Nachelle Corey got creative in planning a pizza making party for their quarterly event. She sent a survey to the five participants asking for their favorite toppings and then delivered baskets. Over Zoom, they made homemade flatbread pizzas together. Talk about innovative!

As restrictions have lifted, Layla and Darlene went hiking and took a tour of a tugboat in Puget Sound.

Darlene described mentoring perfectly when she said, “Being purposeful in the life of someone else . . . to pour out has been impactful.”

That’s the power of mentoring.

*Name changed


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