Why T.R.A.C.life is Essential

Updated: Oct 18

Check out this new group of mentors who recently completed T.R.A.C.life training in Ocala, Florida! Fifteen campers will be paired with mentors because 15 caring adults

said, YES! This is what co-assistant director, Patsy, wrote:

Yesterday we had a caregiver call to state that she had just left the hospital where the mentee’s sister just passed. This mentee has lost both parents in the last two years and now a sister . . . Immediately, the mentor reached out to the caregiver to let her know that she is available.

That is why T.R.A.C.life is ESSENTIAL. These campers are able to share and

deal with a lot during camp, but it is the year long relationship with the mentor

that gives support, guidance, and encouragement.

Lord Jesus, we lift up B as she walks through her pain and grief in the coming months and years. Surround her with your comfort and peace. Shape B’s character in her suffering and show her that you are as close as each breath she takes. Thank you for pairing B with a T.R.A.C.life mentor. Help B’s mentor minister the gift of presence. Give her wisdom when B has questions. Thank you that you are our strength in every circumstance. Amen.


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