A camp experience

that makes a difference

Teen Reach Adventure Camp (T.R.A.C.) is a camping program geared for at-risk youth, usually residing in foster care, who have been abused, abandoned or neglected.

Every Teen Reach Adventure Camp emphasizes self-value, teamwork, healthy values, and personal success.

The teenage years are awkward at best, but for teens in the foster care system, these years are especially difficult. Every day is literally a struggle to survive: gangs, addictions, and bullying are a reality for many.

At Teen Reach Adventure Camp, youth learn their true value and potential. Through activities on the challenge course, campers learn to process their stories and find healing from their pain.

Camp is packed full of fun activities, opportunities to learn and great memories which will change the lives of teenagers forever.



Teen reach adventure camps...

  • Serve youth ages 12-15 residing in foster care.

  • Provide separate, three-day programs for boys and girls.

  • Prioritize camper safety.

  • Pair two campers to one counselor.

  • Improve trust and self-value.

  • Encourage team building.

  • Geared for camper success.


To Launch

Teen Reach Adventure Camps


Share the vision and pray about how your church can serve youth residing in foster care through T.R.A.C.

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Recruit a leadership team of at least FOUR volunteers to establish T.R.A.C. in your community.

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Each leader must be endorsed by the pastor of the sponsoring church. In addition, the pastor must sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Online applications may then be completed for each team member.


Nebraska: June 22-27, 2021

Washington: July 28-Aug 2, 2021

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An amazing program to bring

hope and a future to at-risk youth.

For further questions:

Contact Will at 402-290-3490 or will@teenreach.org

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2022 National Leadership Training

Nebraska: June 21-26

Washington: July 12-17

Pennsylvania: August 17-21


Applications must be received at the national office by

June 1st, 2022.


Training is $725.00 per person.

Please contact Will Prusia for more information at  Will@teenreach.org

Note: Only T.R.A.C. Leadership should attend training.




T.R.A.C. Challenge Course Facilitator's Training

March 2 -6, 2022 in Missouri,  Application due at the National office by Feb 15th.

April 20 -24, 2022 in Nebraska,  Application due at the National office by Apr 5th. 

May 4 -8, 2022 in Washington,

Application due at the National office by Apr 5th.

Please contact Scott and Sara Nachtigal for more information: 308-627-6692


Two -day Level 2 Refresher* training cost  $300
First Time Level 2* training cost $350.

*Note: Only Lead CC facilitators should attend this national training.