T.R.A.C.life is a year-long mentoring program that starts when Teen Reach Adventure Camp ends.

About T.R.A.C.life

Mentoring is a time-proven process that can help young people of all circumstances achieve their full "potential". Mentors are caring individuals who, along with legal guardians, provide young people with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and a constructive, positive example. 

For youth who are eligible for T.R.A.C.life, this relationship can now begin after they attend Teen Reach Adventure Camp (T.R.A.C.), where they meet fun and safe adults that have gone through mentorship training and have undergone a thorough background check and fingerprinting. A successful mentoring relationship is defined by the mentor and mentee who are in the relationship. They must share a "safe", "close" and "trusting" relationship. Such relationships don't just happen. They need ongoing support and monitoring, particularly during the early stages, to ensure that the relationships do not terminate prematurely. Each T.R.A.C.life Mentor makes at least a one year, twice a month commitment to the youth they connect with. 

Call our office for more information about T.R.A.C.life Mentoring Program for teens ages 12 to 18 who have attended Teen Reach Adventure Camps. 503-625-1299 

National Leadership Training
for Program Directors 
Assistant Program Directors

Thursday & Friday, March 24 -26, 2021
(Those traveling should arrive on 3/24 in Omaha, NE) 

Applications must be into the national office by Feb. 15, 2021


Training is $500.00 per person.


Contact info@teenreach.org for more information (503) 625-1299

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